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Source: Nanfang Daily Online Edition     time: 2022-08-14 19:50:44

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football lottery parlay master

  Bank holidays in July 2022: Banks to remain closed for 14 days this month. Here's full list

July bank holidays
Image Source : PTI

List of bank holidays in July 


  • Though July 2022 comes with a total of 14 bank holidays, the same would not apply to all branches
  • The 14 bank holidays also include weekend offs
  • Bank holidays vary as per the dates of festivals in different states

Bank holidays in July 2022: Banks across parts of India will remain closed for a total of 14 days (including weekend offs) in the month of July 2022. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the bank holidays in July may differ in states and regions. Though July 2022 comes with a total of 14 bank holidays, the same would not apply to all branches. This basically varies as per the dates of festivals in different states. 

Despite the listed bank holidays, account holders can continue using net banking and mobile banking for bank-related work. 

Bank holidays, according to the RBI, are divided into three categories - 

  • Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Holiday under Negotiable Instruments Act and Real-Time Gross Settlement Holiday
  • Banks’ Closing of Accounts

Other than the specified holidays, banks across India will remain closed on Weekends (every Sunday and second & fourth Saturdays). 

Bank holidays in July 2022

July 1: Kang (Rath Yatra) - Bhubaneshwar

July 3: Sunday
July 7: Kharchi Puja - Agartala
July 9: Id-Ul-Ad'ha (Bakarid) - Kochi, Thiruvanthapuram; second Saturday
July 10: Sunday
July 11: Eid-Ul-Azha - Srinagar, Jammu
July 13: Bhanu Jayanti - Gangtok
July 14: Beh Dienkhlam - Shillong
July 16: Harela - Dehradun
July 17: Sunday
July 24: Sunday
July 26: Ker Punja - Agartala
July 31: Sunday

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