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Source: Nanfang Daily Online Edition     time: 2022-08-20 04:14:15

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ba football association

  Video: Biden coughs, shakes hands with other US lawmakers after signing bill; Twitter aghast

joe biden, coughing, covid-19, mask, handshake, signing bills, bill, inflation reduction act
Image Source : AP The clip in detail shows President Biden taking his mask off to cough into his hand, handing the pen to senator Joe Manchin, and then having a handshake with everyone at the bill's signing.

Twitter was aghast over clips of US President Joe Biden coughing into his palms, before signing bills and shaking hands with several other lawmakers afterwards. The clip grew viral on social media, with everyone's emotions ranging from disgust to concern, and even mockery.

This incident took place on Tuesday, which occurred just a week after Biden had tested negative on his COVID-19 checkup. Biden was signing the Inflation Reduction Act, which was aimed at dealing with climate change and healthcare expenditures. It is likely the bill will provide a considerable boost to Democrats during the mid-term elections.

The passing laws are projected to bring in about 740 billion USD within the next 10 years as revenue through many changes like higher taxation on wealthy corporates, levies on stock buybacks, and stronger enforcement of tax laws on high-income households.

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The viral clip was posted and discussed by several reporters and media outlets. The clip in detail shows President Biden taking his mask off to cough into his hand, handing the pen to senator Joe Manchin, and then having a handshake with everyone at the bill's signing. 

The clip generated many remarks across the internet. One user said, "Okay! So, it may not have been perfect. AT LEAST HE IS TRYING! At the same time his wife has tested positive, he has just recovered, AND the most effective legislative President in modern history!" Another tweeted, "This reminds me of the time my mom—who has Alzheimer’s—took her mask off to sneeze."

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